Weekend Masses: Saturday Vigil at 4:00 pm and Sunday at 8:00 &10:30 am.




Lunch Prices Regular Lunch


  Large Lunch $2.75
  2nd Lunch $3.00
  Reduced Lunch $0.40
  Milk $0.60


MOST IMPORTANT:  Our Lunch Program is on a PRE-ORDER program.  Lunches are ordered a week in advance.  We must submit the lunch order on Tuesday for the next week.  This means that we need your lunch order by Tuesday morning.

If your child orders a lunch but then packs for that day, the school must pay for that lunch even if you are approved for free or reduced lunches.  If you ordered it, please take it.

If you are approved for free lunches but pack you must pay for milk.  The state does not subsidize the drink unless it was served with the lunch.

Anyone who was approved for Free/Reduced lunches last year but did not qualify or did not apply for this year will be considered full pay as of 9/20/18.  If your economic status changes during the school year, you may qualify for lunch assistance.  you can apply online at www.fortwayneschools.org/fa

If you qualify for Free or Reduced lunches you still must send in an order each week.  We cannot assume your child wants a lunch.  If you received a letter for free/reduced lunch please provide a copy for the office.

You can order for a full month.  Just make sure that you keep a record of which days you are buying.

You can also order for more than 1 student on the same envelope/menu.  MAKE SURE YOU LIST EACH STUDENT AND GRADE.  Be sure to clearly mark the envelope so that we know which student is buying which days.  Be sure to put the LUNCH WEEK date on the envelope.

If you have any lunch questions, please contact Mrs. Mount.  Thank you.


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